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Ubike is a joint of nature-urban lovers. We import quality electric and regular bikes parts in the best prices of the market.

We believe electric bikes and bicycle can change our daily life, making it simpler, less chaotic and stressful without traffic jams and the well-known “parking solving” problem. Simply good vibes, easier mobility and great speed. 

We are convinced that the combination of excellent quality and low cost is the secret of a happy costumer. And for us, to be happy is one of the most important elements of life 😊

To ride on you need also accessories. We have plenty of them: locks, smart phone holders, bottles, flash lights, mirrors, boxes, chairs, chairs for children, and more!

We work to offer a personalized service and advise every customer by his/her own needs.

All our ebikes have been tested and confirmed as fully compliant by the world leading German TUV SUD safety laboratory.  In addition, all ebikes have passed the Israel Standards Institute safety and standards requirements for importing and sales in Israel.

You can find accessories and parts for many uses of different bicycles that’s include electric bicycle and scooters, our variety of different parts are growing as for the general accessories.

You are welcome!

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