Accessibility statement

The website of U Bike Ltd. should be accessible to people with disabilities. It uses the dedicated Run plugin for WordPress sites.

This Plugin Adds A Variety Of Accessibility Features, Including:

  • Support for screen readers Captions for pictures
  • Textual descriptions for video
  • Text alternatives for code Screen reader user navigation
  • Customization options

This site has been tested by people with disabilities, and we are always working to improve its accessibility. If you have any feedback or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the email address:

Here Are Some Other Things We Do To Ensure This Site Is As Accessible As Possible:

  • We use screen reader friendly fonts
  • We use contrasting colors
  • We use clear separations between the background and the content
  • We use navigation-friendly menus
  • We use accessible templates

We believe that everyone should be able to access our information and services, regardless of their disabilities. We are committed to continuing to improve the accessibility of our website, and we appreciate your feedback if given by you.

Accessibility In The Business Place

Parking – contact us on the store phone or mobile to coordinate arrival. The street of the business is very crowded and if you inform us we can help and reserve parking in advance for maximum accessibility. Contact details are below.
Elevator – the business is on the ground floor without the need for an elevator.

Contact us in advance for assistance in providing maximum accessibility

Contact details for the site’s accessibility manager
Name: Nati
Phone: 03-9666146